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20 October 2013
09 September 2013

OpenStack on Windows Azure?

Although this is off-topic from my blog interest, just thought about sharing this.

I was searching for information on the OpenStack project and did a Google search. This is what came up:

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10 April 2013

Java sees Daylight in the Open

With Software Defined Networking (or SDN in short) gaining huge traction over the past few years, numerous start-ups,  protocols, frameworks and other applications have started coming up every few weeks. With this also came numerous efforts to standardize around this concept, chief among them being the  ...
09 January 2013

St. Edmund's College – A Reflection in Time

Today, I was just browsing through my past digital archive and found an article that I had written after completing my undergraduate programme. 
Producing it here for posterity:
Ah the very name itself sends nostalgic chill down my spine. St. Edmund's College, SEC for short – the haven I spent five years of my life in. I would rather say I spent a lifetime therein.  ...