Sheikh Mohammad Sajid
Software Developer. Consultant. Open Source Evangelist. more ...
Software Consultant and Trainer with specialization in Java, Java EE, Liferay, Spring and OSGi technologies.

An ardent open source supporter, I have dabbled in myriad open source technologies like Google Web Toolkit, Struts, Apache projects, Eclipse plugins, Netbeans plugins, KDE, Linux drivers and OrientDB to name a few.

I have been involved in the design, development, integration, and deployment phases of IT projects in domains like Virtual Labour Market (VLM), CRM, Supply Chain Management System, Warehouse Management System, Advertising & Media, Vehicle Tracking System, Search Engine and web portals.

I also provide corporate training in my area of expertise.

Specialties: Web Application Architecture, Java, JavaEE, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, Liferay, OSGi, Java Modularity Architecture